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It has come to my attention that there was a glitch in this pattern. I am happy to announce that I have reworked it and it looks like the problem area was in Round 3 and that is what was setting the rest of the pattern off. I have updated the entire pattern and am pretty confident that this will be much easier to follow and that there are no errors! Please be sure to follow these tips on where I start, stop and join my rounds! Start your rounds in the same stitch as your chain. Join your rounds to the first crochet stitch, NOT the chain. Your last stitch should be in the stitch before your chain with the exception of round 3 where you will end in the stitch where your chain is. Here is the updated pattern!

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Ailman, to direct the investments of the Teachers’ Retirement Fund in accordance with board policy. Advisory committees[ edit ] Two advisory committees meet regularly to provide forums for active participation in the formation of CalSTRS policies and procedures. Operations[ edit ] The Board has supported a variety of corporate governance initiatives and actions aimed at keeping the fund stable. A few of the actions taken include: The addition of online disclosure opens the process to all CalSTRS portfolio companies, allowing other shareholders to know how the pension fund will vote.

Growth in membership, the difference and complexity of the needs of a new generation of retiring teachers, and the need to operate more efficiently and sustainably led to the decision to build a new headquarters.

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I feel that this book panders to soft-hearted Americans. There are numerous times Hari mentions how “good” the American people are. It is not that we aren’t or that we are, or that Hari shouldn’t be grateful for, after all, Americans played a large part in saving his life and he now lives here , but this book as a whole doesn’t read so much as a “memoir” as a causal glance backward, a highlight of a horrific scene here, a laugh th Let’s get the controversial stuff out of the way first, shall we?

It is not that we aren’t or that we are, or that Hari shouldn’t be grateful for, after all, Americans played a large part in saving his life and he now lives here , but this book as a whole doesn’t read so much as a “memoir” as a causal glance backward, a highlight of a horrific scene here, a laugh there. He states, at one point, “The good America was in the room” and I did a massive eye-roll. What was genuine sentiment at the presence of American military officers and the hope that they brought with them was ruined by the exalted praise given to the country as a whole.

After reading this, I don’t feel satisfied. I felt Hari was very censored when he wrote this, both owing to the fact that he presumably wrote most of the book in his non-native English and the fact that he must suffer some symptoms of PTSD from the terrible things he’s witnessed. It’s not that I want him to suffer while writing a book, but I feel like the purpose of this book was just to pacify some big heads who want to sit back and pat themselves on the back for doing something for the people of Darfur.

They want to be able to know something about the situation, they want to seem educated, and to support the people, but they want to remain distant, to feel self-satisfied at the end of it. This was, perhaps, a good primer on the Darfur issue and certainly, numerous reviews have complimented the appendix on Darfur as being one of the best around, but anyone who reads this book and is able to sit it down and feel “satisfied” should really poke their heads out of their shells a little more.

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If you set aside all of the idiotic plotting and moronic characters, Prometheus is about the tragic relationship between creators and creations. Our creators inevitably let us down, and we rebel against them. Covenant tries to carry that ball forward, and you can see the circle that Scott was trying to create. The Engineers created man, man created android specifically David , android kills the engineer, kills man, and creates the xenomorph, which exists to kill everything except David.

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Please make sure you are using the correct stitch. SC around 36 SC do not fasten off, start on earflap Size: SC around, join, ch 1 40 SC do not fasten off, start on earflap Size: SC around, join, ch 1 45 SC do not fasten off, start on earflap Size: SC around, join, ch 1 50 SC do not fasten off, start on earflap Note:

The Hydro-Québec home page () is also the home page of the section for residential customers. It has links to services for them, as well as links to other two sections of the site: the one for business customers and the one describing the company.

This pattern is written using American crochet terms. Bag Front Round 1: Starting with a magic loop, ch 2 counts as first dc , work 11 dc in magic loop, pull to tighten, sl st to join 12 dc. Ch 3 counts as first dc and ch 1 , dc , ch 1 in each stitch around, sl st to join 12 dc, 12 ch 1 sps. Weave off, finish in ends. Bag Back The back of the bag is worked the same as the front but with a flap added to the top.

Ch 2 counts as first dc , TURN. Now the pattern will switch from rounds to rows. Ch 2 counts as first dc , working in back loops only, dc in each of next 16 sts 17 dc total. Ch 2 counts as first dc , dc in next st and each st across 17 dc. Finish off, weave in ends. Bag Side Panel Row 1:

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