cylinder 4 misfire. MDS Issue

November 8, At some point, just about everyone manages to mess up their precious electronics. In this case, someone not me somehow managed to totally demolish the mini USB port in their new Motorola cell phone. I already had all the soldering gear, but I had to track down a new T5 driver since mine vanished. To get started, take off the back cover and remove the battery. Next, whip out that Torx T5 and remove the screws holding the phone together. On this one, there were only four to remove. With the screws out, gently pull the phone apart.

Dension Production

Add Tip Ask Question Step 4: Position is not super critical, but should be even if you want your project to look neat. It’s a good idea to put a small piece of wood or a big rubber eraser behind the thin metal to keep it from bending. Add Tip Ask Question Step 5: Again, a small piece of wood behind the metal will keep it from bending and make the backside of the holes neater.

Carefully clean up the ragged edges of the holes with the side cutters or a sharp knife like an exacto hobby knife.

A small multi-pin connector cable that carries the chrominance (color) and luminance (brightness) video information separately. Don’t Hookup Your Subwoofer Until You Read This. Andrew Welker July 17, View This. Battle over Blackberry: Is the U.S. Patent System Out .

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Google Home: Top 10 Tips & Tricks

This unique suspension set-up provides an unparalleled ride over challenging terrain and excellent handling through corners. Dual A-arm front suspension features include: Dual, wide arch A-arm design provides maximum front-wheel control, precise steering, and maximum ground clearance out to the wheel mm 8 in.

Available in the standard Motorola mm single pin or the new Apple iPhone! The IASUS Sniper Pro throat mic system has been re-engineered to meet the specifications and requests from our military.

Ease of use, tuning capabilities and availability of maps are second to none. I highly recommend this product. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. Throttle Progressivity Fuelpak FP3 allows users to modify the throttle response. Decel Pop Decel pop reduces the amount of decel pop that riders experience. Now it takes it one step further. On top of reading and clearing the troublecodes, it will also give you a specific description of that troublecode to better help diagnose the potential cause s.

Fuel Economy Fuel economy will read the current fuel economy in real time. The average fuel economy keeps track of fuel usage over time and calculates the overall fuel economy. All customers have to do is select the desired camshaft, and flash the change into the ECM. Frequently Asked Questions How do I get the app?

Surface 2 + blackberry z10 combo anyone ?

Upgrading to a new smartphone is always an exciting time. With a new phone comes new features, a new design and an overall new experience. Whether users are migrating from a previous version of the iPhone, an Android device or a Windows or BlackBerry device, there are many simple solutions that make migrating to the new iPhone a relative breeze. Now there are many services and options to accomplish this task, especially with Android and Google contacts , but at TechnologyGuide, we are tasked with presenting the simplest and the most effective means of migrating to a new iPhone 5S.

Output Voltage For Car Battery Charger Hkbil Sealed Rechargeable Battery Hk 3fm4 5 Output Voltage For Car Battery Charger Cell Phone Battery Life Problem Forklift Battery Additive Cell Phone Internet To Laptop Monk Extend Life There will tips arrive at the subsequent episode of Endless Money & Fuel Saving Car Tips.

Staat uw vraag er niet bij? Is er ook een app voor mijn telefoon of tablet? U leest de krant in zijn vertrouwde, herkenbare vorm op uw scherm en kunt op ieder artikel inzoomen. U kunt artikelen ook downloaden. De app wordt permanent gevuld met het laatste nieuws en speciale fotoreportages. Kan de prijs van het abonnement zomaar aangepast worden? Nee, dat kan niet. Voor de eerst overeengekomen abonnementsperiode geldt het tarief zoals op deze pagina staat vermeld. Wilt u uw abonnement opzeggen?

Dit kunt u doen door een e-mail of brief te sturen of door dit telefonisch door te geven. Stopt mijn doorlopende abonnement automatisch? Nee, uw doorlopende abonnement geldt tot wederopzegging. Stopt mijn proefabonnement automatisch? U sluit uw proefabonnement voor een bepaalde periode af.

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Using Google Home is fun. That’s not unique to just Google Home — telling any computer, no matter what size or shape, to do stuff by talking is fun. And the more you talk to your Google Home the more things you’ll find out about what it does and what it doesn’t do. Here are some of the cool things you can do with Google Home once you get it home! The IFTTT service takes the things you say to your Google Home and sends commands to the other smart things you have, even if the two don’t talk the same language out of the box.

Setting things up is easier than you think , and the list of smart devices supported by IFTTT is huge.

Most Common Questions: My year end in review; Differences between Plans and Plans with Friends; How to change or reset your password; Sign IN with Facebook and Google.

Actual availability, coverage, and speed may vary. Plans and phones sold separately. Airtime Service Plan required for activation. Countries and are subject to change without prior notice. For international calls dial From Alaska, Hawaii and the U. Virgin Islands dial International text messages and roaming are not allowed. Please see the terms and conditions on www. Tracfone Begins With Options Choose a new phone or bring your own smartphone. Bring The Smartphone You Love Save money and keep the phone you love when you bring your current smartphone to Tracfone.


Wij houden u daar op de hoogte van serieus nieuws en berichten over onze hobby. Vergeet niet ons te “liken”. Buienradar NBvV nieuws Van de bestuurstafel Het eind van een jaar en het begin van het nieuwe vormt telkenmale een aanslag op het uithoudingsvermogen van iedereen die betrokken is bij de jaarlijkse happening die wij Vogel noemen. Dit jaar vormde daar geen uitzondering op, sterker het was nog een tandje erger.

Feb 16,  · S2/WP certainly is the better combo. However you need to see it with the eyes of someone owning a BB10 device. In this case the Surface 2 is a quite good companion in particular given that you can plug in your BB10 via USB and get access to the file System.

Carrying extra-long cargo that extends beyond the box can adversely affect stability. Dual A-arm front and rear suspension provides a smooth ride over challenging terrain and excellent hauling characteristics XUV front suspension detail To complement the most capable frame available in a high-performance utility vehicle, the XUV is equipped with four-wheel independent suspension.

The entire suspension system has been optimized to handle no cargo to maximum cargo without compromising ride quality or vehicle stability. Dual A-arm front suspension features include: Unequal length, dual A-arm construction for superior wheel control and travel Power is transmitted from the engine through a continuously variable clutch system to the transaxle. Key elements of the drive system include: Variable-speed drive The variable-speed drive consists of two clutches and a drive belt: Drive clutch is attached to the engine.

Driven clutch is attached to the transaxle. The engine braking system utilizes a tight belt for operation, requiring an idler sleeve on the primary clutch for neutral. The secondary clutch is a new build-on-shaft design that utilizes a cam to tune the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle. The system will reduce belt slipping and improve durability.

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But it helps to understand which connectors to use and what kind of signals each carries. Convenient for quick connection or disconnection of speaker cables. No improvement in sound quality over bare wire or spades, but less likely to short circuit or corrode, especially if gold-plated, than bare cable.

We are specialized in the development and production of consumer electronics and IT integration products for the automotive and for the professional digital signage industry.

All you need is: A SiriusXM streaming username and password. If you already have a SiriusXM streaming username and password, you can proceed to the next step. If not, set up your SiriusXM streaming username or password. Or, if you can’t remember your streaming credentials, recover your username and password. The SiriusXM app installed on your connected device. Your streaming username and password can be used on any connected device that streams SiriusXM.

Just choose your specific device from the full list of supported devices to find out more details. By registering for a free day streaming trial, SiriusXM may contact you by email regarding special offers from time to time. You may always change your Privacy Preferences with us. If you decide to continue service after your trial, the subscription plan you choose will automatically renew and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates.

Fees and taxes apply.

Audio/Video Cables and Connectors Explained

BerryClip , Hardware 3. Here is my Top 10 list of devices to connect to the Raspberry Pi. In most cases they are very cheap and easy to interface and are great building blocks for more complicated future projects. From robot cars to security systems there are plenty of ways of combining these mini-projects into some amazing creations! If you need to buy a present for a Pi owner then these are good starting point.

There are two wiring standards for network cables: TA and TB Below are the pin outs for each standard and information on making a straight thru or crossover cable.

Please click on the links below for instructions on how to configure Exchange ActiveSync email on your mobile device or tablet Apple iOS, Google Android. If your model operating system is not listed, please contact the Help desk and submit a ticket. It is also recommended to backup data on an ongoing basis. If you are currently using a PIN on your device you will not be prompted again. The security policy consists of a mandatory 4-character simple PIN, an automatic device deletion procedure that will activate after 10 failed attempts, and a minute idle-time screen lock.

We are NOT locking down devices, restricting applications, or disabling any functionality. Once created, if a customer fails to enter their PIN correctly after 10 consecutive attempts, the mobile device will completely erase all information and will be restored to its factory state. Going forward, devices will lock if idle after 60 minutes and users will be prompted to enter their PIN. Do not wait until the 10th attempt to ask for assistance. The PIN locks the entire mobile device when idle for 60 minutes; not just the Outlook email.

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