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Enter the Go Vault. This ultra secure box is made from super-tough polycarbonate resin, locks with a padlock you supply yourself so you can choose between key or combo , and then can be tethered to an immobile object like a bolted desk frame to stave off theft or carelessness. Just try to remember what you actually put in there! This pack from Pelican ProGear keeps your delicate touch screen safely tucked away in a perfectly tablet-proportioned cushioned pocket. Plus it has a zip-away water bottle pouch, construction sturdy enough to last all four-plus years of college, and a large main pouch to hold that page tome you’ve been neglecting. As for making it on time to your late-night study group? The Marshall Mini-Fridge Give your room an instant awesomeness upgrade by swapping your standard issue mini-fridge—which is probably on its fifth owner anyway—to the rock-inspired Marshall version. On the outside, it’s nearly indistinguishable from the classic guitar amps used by bands like Slayer, Jane’s Addiction and Velvet Revolver—except for the knobs that crank up to 11, a nod to Spinal Tap, naturally.

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He said she would never see him again, and she pleaded with him to come home and talk to her, even though she had no idea of the horror he was about to unleash. The crime stunned the nation, not only because of the brutality against young children, but because it took place in traditional Christian community whose residents are known for their peaceable ways and avoidance of the modern world.

The gunman was Charles Roberts, a father of three and husband. Roberts, his wife, Marie, and their children lived one mile away from the school. His then-wife — who has since remarried and taken the last name Monville — is now talking about the tragedy that changed so many lives, including her own.

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For Uncle Sam, trouble raising a cyber army Photo Illustration: The heroes in question are cyber security professionals, the hacker-fighting folks tasked with keeping digital information out of the hands of bad actors. Cisco CSCO estimates that there are a million more cyber security jobs than people to fill them worldwide.

In Washington, the feeling is acute. More than 30, open positions in the federal government wait to be filled by the next influx of white-knight hackers. For respondents in government, the results are similar: It passed on September Higher salaries, faster hiring, and competitive retention bonuses top the priority list. Without the free-flowing revenues that private technology firms enjoy, government recruiters say they rely on other tried-and-true tactics: Not everyone can be a Green Beret, the term for the U.

You might not have grown up the biggest kid on the block but you can fight with your brain. The Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense woo university and high school students to prime those interested in computer science for government hacking. Office of Personnel Management offers Scholarship for Service , a sort of digital National Guard, through which the National Science Foundation bankrolls undergraduate and graduate students in exchange for a stint in local, state, or federal cyber security service.

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Robotics Learning Center Storming Robots Provides year-round robotics engineering and technology education for talented youth. We offer engineering challenges that are not commonly present at grade-school levels. Our high school programs often deliver college level challenges. Through the engineering process, students learn the basic mechanical skills to build robots from scratch.

To build your high school concepts from scratch you can study calculus from Thomas,Calculus,Pearson.I found this book very understanding and taught me a great deal. The examples were clear and built you up to the tougher exercises.

Hands down the Wii interface is better than the PS3’s, thanks to the remote. I really enjoyed lounging on my couch with one arm flicking around pages. None of this mouse or joystick business. And finally when compared to using the PS3’s controller the Wii is a breeze to type with. Granted it’s no keyboard, but a welcome improvement. But while flash videos played fine on nintendo.

That’s a sad thing, as its the number one website we’d like to watch away from the PC. And the PS3 excels at this.

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To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video NAUDIA,,,She was this very pretty young girl that was always interested in getting tied up, after high school she moved away from home, got her first pc and internet hook up, and she couldnt believe all the tied up girls she found! They were tied in ways she never dreamed of, and she liked what she saw,,one of the producer lived near her she found out and contacted him,, he was more than happy to show her the ropes!

He gets her to strip to her undies,he ask her to wear a pair of pantyhose and she does,,he then ties her wrist, he blindfolds her then stuff a pair of socks in her mouth,then a very tight ace bandage is wrapped around, he lays her face down on a table and continues to add rope to her ankles,knees thighs,elbows,waist and crotch,,he lets her enjoy that abit before he adds a hogtie rope!

She knows she cant get loose,she tries to get rid of the gag but can only workout one of the socks just a little,she moans and jerks at the ropes but shes stuck!

Whats up this is kinda of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. [/url] investing in java on the internet is a heady skill. even the beststocked traditional put can have reduced small group Celine only a different types of of coffee bean, unfortunately a fast start reading.

Input master git Bugs paradize defect normal new T Therefore it would be aesthetically pleasing if a visualization which displayed the current music file’s album art was created for VLC. This would allow for both subtitles and album art to be displayed simultaneously, something which VLC cannot do at the moment.

Android Other Android Bugs defect normal new T In the former case all the albums have the cone icon and won’t change, in the latter case the new cover art won’t replace the old one. In both cases the only way to fix it is to clear data in the Task Manager. Clearing the media database and refreshing the library results in unpredictable behavior, such as all the visible cover arts flipping randomly between albums when scrolling. Quitting and restarting after clearing the database sometimes fixes it.

Please excuse me, I am no coder, but I’m doing my best to help. The version of VLC is 4. Tested with the latest nightly, still present.

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An anonymous reader writes: Andrew Binstock has an article about the ever-increasing complexity required to write code. He says, “I got into programming because I like creating stuff.

Starting age 5 to 18, summer program for from Elementary to High school girls & boys, this summer program offers AM and/or PM, Lego wedo, Mindstrom,3D printing, Scratch programming, Touch Typing. Take the 3D printer home when you are done with the program.

Many teachers are receiving training and in the process of switching over to the Gradebook module so that you will be able to view individual assignments. If you don’t see everything you are looking for initially, please be patient as it will be there soon. In order to obtain an activation key code for your child, you will need to visit the school and speak with our guidance office. Public Notice No person shall, on the basis of race, color, national origin, residence, religion, sex, disabling condition, age, or marital status, be excluded from participating in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination in any educational program, activity of, or employment practice by the Harlan County School System in compliance with Title VI, Title IX, and Section Mission Harlan County High School is committed to educate every student to a high level, accept no excuses for failure, and understand the value of hard work by students and staff.

Our culture of success will support systems in the school that encourage and even reward hard work.

Major school shootings in the US in the last 20 years

Heritance Ahungalla, was awarded the Best 5-Star Resort in the island successfully taking over the baton from Heritance Kandalama who won the coveted award for the last three consecutive years, securing the resort a position in the prestigious Hall of Fame last year. The objective of this prestigious awards ceremony is to recognize and reward excellence among industry stakeholders of past and present and to encourage and ensure an even greater contribution in the future.

The awards criteria is designed to motivate industry stakeholders to work towards the primary goal of sustainable development of the tourism industry.

Coffee and science aficionados can get their fix at Breaking Bad inspired cafe “Walter’s”, where the coffee comes in beakers and the baristas are part java-artists, part mad-scientists.

You can explore the community and search for solutions without joining. But if you want to post or receive email notifications, you’ll need to sign up. Click Sign in at the top of any Microsoft Community page. You are taken to the Sign in page. Select how you would like to sign in to the community. Sign in with a Microsoft account: If you already have an Outlook.

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This is, as everyone knows, a ridiculously weak barrier. One malicious user can post their code on a website and the scheme is broken forever. I did experiment with this unlock codes back in the day and came to the unfortunate realization that for every legitimate user, there were 10 others who were using a pirated code. Ambrosia Software has a very clever product activation system, and I recall that they published information regarding how registrations went way, way up after they switched to that system from simple unlock codes.

These simulations from the University of Colorado will enable anyone to learn physics by messing around on your computer screen. For instance, in electric circuits, you will hook up the circuit elements and see what happens. Try it!!

Share your story with Science Buddies! I Did This Project! Please log in and let us know how things went. Experimental Procedure Click on the image at the right to view the Soda Bottle Submarine instructions found at http: Print out the instructions. Making the Propeller To begin making the propeller, cut the bottom half off the 2-L soda bottle.

Cut the bottom, as shown by the howtoons. This is difficult because the plastic is thick in certain places. Have an adult carefully use a razor blade or a knife to help you with this tricky step. See Figure 2 for a picture of the finished propeller. This is a propeller made out of a 2-L bottle, explained in the howtoons. Have an adult drill a hole in the small water bottle cap and drill two holes in the propeller, one in the center and another just off center.

Be sure to wear safety goggles when using power tools.

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Unlike the past few contests, this one had real buzz: The beer selection was better, too. And yes, fans started drinking before noon. Cooper earned a cheer, and it was hardly the only one of the day. Just walking out on the stage earned Cousins a lengthy standing ovation from the or so fans who ponied up to listen to the Redskins? Bear in mind that this was a split decision:

Aug 23,  · Clinton reaches out to Nicole Hockley, whose child was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, during a town hall event at Manchester Community College .

With all the various ways that models come to me these days it’s becoming pretty rare that I just run into someone out in public who I just have to have on my site. But the other day I was at the tanning salon trying to get a little color after all this rain we’ve been having, and while I was checking in this really hot guy comes walking out of a booth. He stood there barely wrapped in the tiniest of towels wanting to ask the clerk a question. My first impression was that this adorable creature was not the slightest bit shy.

And since he was asking the male tanning booth clerk if his tan was even all over I got the feeling that he had no problem showing off his body to other men. Now, I’m not normally this bold but since I’d seen about 95 percent of his body anyway I introduced myself and complimented him on his tan.

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Here now, some recent highlights: Born and raised in Charlottesville, I came back from Colorado to share the gift of great beer. What’s worst about living here? People who think they’re important because of their Daddy’s last name Favorite hangout?

The Chandler Unified School District is a premier district of choice. Academic achievement is a high priority in the district as evidenced by test scores which exceed state and national averages. Academic achievement is a high priority in the district as evidenced by .

Information, inspiration and ideas to help teachers in and out of the classroom Tuesday, August 11, Tags: I found that most of them they just weren’t any fun, which in my mind seems to go hand in hand with probability. So here’s two new resources I found, an old idea worth revisiting, and advice about setting up your students for success on this topic. I recommend Pig , Skunk and the Cheerios Experiment which really should be named after a more unhealthy, toy-promoting cereal , as all of them were successful in class.

Design Your Own Game Project [Word doc] – Students design their own carnival-style game, calculate the probabilities involved and reflect on what they learned and created. It’s simple to explain but will push your students to really think about probability in this kind of context. The document includes a rubric as well.

If you have the time and resources, you could even have a “Carnival Day” where students would play each other’s games. This game was found online and the link had been dead for a long time, but I found a copy in my records. Probability Using “Deal or No Deal” – This is arguably my most popular lesson plan idea ever, but I actually want to make sure you read the opening coin-flipping activity I used before starting the game. Even if you don’t use the game itself, you should absolutely open any probability unit with that fun activity.

Setting students up for success with probability Unlike in the Rio Grande Valley, many students in Boston didn’t know the basics of a regular deck of cards. I would imagine that is the case in many areas these days, as kids move farther and farther away from the traditional games you and I might have played in our youth. First, it might help to post this in the room somewhere for your entire unit:

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