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You know this is unbelievable, I looked and I’m not the only one with this problem, when I’m playing a fucking strike mission that needs 3 fucking people to complete it and I end up being the only one that’s fucking doing it and they are sitting there following me staying behind cover and when I get down they stand there looking at me crouching not even shooting anything, that pissed me off so much I sent them a message saying “HEY!!!! Why don’t you actually do something and help me and not just stand there like fucking retards” they left and 2 other people joined and they actually helped me in it, my question is simple, WHY??????????? Why do a strike mission if your not actually going to do it, I understand the bounty survive a strike without dieting, u know what I do with that bounty? I do the Devils lair, that’s level 8 and I’m a fucking level 29 there is no way in hell I’m dieting on that mission so if you have that bounty DO NOT do the vanguard strike playlist!! Does anyone else have this issue? They should make a group chat option for the tower, and for people who you pair up with that aren’t on your fireteam. Because so far the only people you can talk to are the ones that are part of your fireteam, I think they should even do a proximity chat in the tower. So when your so close to someone’s character in the tower you can talk to them with your mic. But if you walk away a certain distance they can no longer hear you.


Trophy Guide Strike Strike Missions are cooperative missions that can be done by players. Upon selecting the Strike Mission, the game will attempt to find either an ongoing session with an available player slot where you can join or find other players within your level range to start the mission together. In case there’s no other players who can join you, the game will start with you as the solo player. Don’t worry though; random players can still join your session, as long as you have space in your party.

The Nexus Strike Missions are supposed to be challenging, which requires the cooperation and teamwork of everyone in the Fireteam.

Aug 06,  · For me the problem with destiny is the lack of matchmaking and content. I’m now sick of destiny because I cannot participate in any of the end game content without jumping through hoops to find people to play with.

By Anthony Taormina 9 months ago Although players have been requesting it since the early days of Destiny 1, Bungie confirms that Destiny 2 will not support matchmaking in the traditional sense. There will be a new feature called Guided Games that is meant to bring players together for challenging activities, but randomly pairing players is something that Bungie feels does not work for its game.

Noseworthy also shared some info about how Guided Games will support a variety of players with a variety of interests. Teaming random players together very rarely ends well. The type of community we want to have, the friendly, welcoming space we want Destiny to be. Please be fair to other players. When you are playing the raid — people have roles, there is coordination.

Even so, Bungie has not left solo players completely in the dust for Destiny 2.

ELI5: How is having matchmaking for Destiny’s raids a bad thing?

By Anthony Taormina 3 years ago While Bungie is still hard at work on one of the biggest patches for Destiny yet, they are slowly revealing the component parts of the upcoming update. We know the patch will fix the heavy ammo bug that has been plaguing high level players since launch, and it will also add a reputation panel to the menu , but the hope was that there is still more in the pipeline. As turns out, our suspicions were correct:

I think our Destiny is coming to an end. We have two copies of the game and bought two copies of the expansion pass. The whole nerfing (“your weapons don’t work quite like they did when you spent weeks ‘earning’ them”) and all the other monkeying around is fine when trying to support a global, live game.

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No matchmaking in Destiny!

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Destiny gamers are bound to be aware that patch has already been applied, a prime reason why the servers went offline a couple of days ago for about two hours. The said patch was meant to provide weapon balance, fix heavy ammo and render heroic strike matchmaking. To the average gamer who.

Destiny matchmaking guide How does the oathkeeper score system work? Nor would she expect much out of you, nor would want you. Adds an additional wrinkle to the thaviks fight, tasking fireteams with killing nine shanks with melee attacks before finishing off thaviks. This is why, on. Just not fun, and probably would take many more tries than it would just winning legitimately. How you will come by more remains to be seen. Spoiler formatting As with the first game, playstation 4 owners will receive year-long timed-exclusive content ahead of its xbox one and pc counterparts, including a competitive multiplayer map, a three-player co-op strike, a blue and white coloured ship, specialised gear sets and an exclusive exotic weapon.

A lot of it is dopey fantasy and sci-fi hybrid nonsense, but even if you hold onto 10 percent of it, your experience with destiny 2 will make quite a bit more sense. Elsewhere, stats on all armour have had a little change; strength, intellect, and discipline are no more, and instead you have armour, recovery and agility.

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Bungie adding forced matchmaking to Destiny’s Weekly Heroic Strikes

So when Destiny hit store shelves in , it was a surprise to see matchmaking take on a diminished role. Bungie pioneered modern day competitive multiplayer with Halo 2 and 3. So why does Destiny lack a robust matchmaking component? Bungie wanted the high-risk, high-reward game modes to have a social aesthetic even if doing so meant neglecting other aspects.

For instance, Prison of Elders begins as an engaging mode for matchmaking at level 28, but players are left to their own devices level 32 and beyond. The decision began as questionable logic but has devolved into a quantifiable weakness.

The social component of Destiny 2 is going to be better than in was in the first game, if the developers are to be trusted. They’ve decided to make clans more useful, add a system to help you find likeminded people for co-op and improve matchmaking altogether.

Sorry, but you can’t access this content! Please enter your date of birth to view this video By clicking ‘enter’, you agree to GameSpot’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy enter In addition to shutting down Destiny ‘s Treasure Cave today, Bungie has issued a statement discussing where the game is at after two-plus weeks on the market. In it, the developer identifies a number of issues with the game, as well as some of the ways it plans on improving Destiny in the coming months.

Alongside the Treasure Cave’s closure , one of the most significant changes comes in the communications department. The company says this feature will be in place sometime before the end of the year for both the Crucible and Strikes. Speaking of Strikes, some of the most common complaints involve how long it takes to kill a boss and how easy it is to die costing you the time-consuming progress your group has made.

That will soon be changing. Other changes include doing a better job of calling attention to progress you’ve made or loot you’ve earned, and addressing balance issues. Among those are buffing exotic weapons that currently feel underpowered, shortening the range of shotguns and auto rifles, and making scout rifles more effective. Much to my chagrin, there’s no mention made regarding the effectiveness of the Hunter’s Arc Blade power in the Crucible. What do you make of the changes outlined in Bungie’s post today?

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Destiny’s weekly heroic strikes will feature matchmaking after the next patch

Video game developer Bungie does not yet have an official launch date for patch 1. The official weekly update features M. Chunge, a design lead at the studio, who explains that players simply do not have the friends required to experience the weekly activities regularly, which limits the game experience rather than expand it. Matchmaking for strikes solves the problem and will mean that more members of the community will be able to interact with each other.


Destiny strike matchmaking problems From around the web Rightclickfix bungiehelp can you help me please? Oh well; this is a story about. No matter how bungie try to word and argue it, multiplayer games never benefit from p2p connections. Lets players form up more loosely, around specific topics. Guided games is the big new feature for destiny 2, but how exactly do you use it, and how can you earn yourself a nightfall guided games ticket?

There are no easy fixes for a tricky problem The brand new. Progress in a destiny. Then they released the ability to re-upgrade your old gear to higher stats of the latest expansion, but the materials involved took just as much grinding to obtain as re-earning all that gear all over again anyway. And it has been modestly successful. Want to add to the discussion? They want to force everyone to be sociable. Server communities were crap, full of assholes and arrogant elitists.

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Destiny’s weekly heroic strikes will feature matchmaking after the next patch

Grant McKay, sandbox designer for Bungie, explained that the decision to nerf Hunters was similar to that of other balance updates — to make Destiny more enjoyable for any playstyle. Our concern is that this would eventually make the game way too lethal and chaotic overall. At the same time, we want to make sure that you still have the time you need to react and make tactical decisions when you are engaged in combat. The following issues have been resolved via Hotfix 2.

Cozmo. They’re investigating the Sturm catalyst progression issue. (DMG. Investigations into long matchmaking times for Quickplay continue. (Don’t have an exact date just yet, but an Thaviks of Exodus Crash will be returning to the strike playlists in the coming weeks.

Destiny Patch brings new weapon balance, heavy ammo fix and heroic strike matchmaking Destiny Patch brings new weapon balance, heavy ammo fix and heroic strike matchmaking Snooky Grawls Mon 2 Mar The said patch was meant to provide weapon balance, fix heavy ammo and render heroic strike matchmaking. To the average gamer who could care less, such shouldn’t be a problem and in fact is a welcome development since it does address bugs the game carries thus pointing into better and stable game play.

But for the ones who take the game pretty seriously, the new patch seems to be something they do not approve of. One rant of players is that they believe player choices are taken out of the equation with the new patch. Despite these qualms, Destiny game developer Bungie has decided to push through with the said update. Destiny is currenly offline for maintenance.

We’ll be back in a couple of hours. For example, gamers who used the auto rifle will now experience 2. Apparently the modifications were variable. Another concern for players was the mandatory matchmaking which will be wired into weekly Heroic strikes. Apparently there are some players who would prefer to play the game alone rather than join groups. It is here where gamers believe that Bungie is forcing players to play the game more to their liking rather than how they see it.

In all, there are players who welcome the patch update and some who do not.

‘Destiny’ Update Adds Matchmaking to Weekly Heroic Strikes

By Ryan Winslett 4 months ago Destiny 2 has been out for several weeks and, in case you’ve missed all of the reviews , pretty much everyone agrees that this second outing was a huge step forward for the series. The game is more focused, has a far better campaign, and the team at Bungie did a good job of addressing many of the first game’s shortcomings. Despite their best efforts, though, it appears at least one aspect of Destiny 2 is still woefully lacking: Earlier this year, Bungie unveiled a pair of features meant to address one of the biggest issues players had with the original Destiny.

May 09,  · Destiny 2’s new expansion draws on elements from The Taken King to make it better than Curse of Osiris, but naturally, problems remain.

He often thinks back to the days when the very idea of this career seemed like nothing but an impossible dream. Find him on Twitter mattyjb89 Loading Warmind known issues, hotfix coming Bungie plans to address a number of issues introduced with the release of Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion. Warmind launched earlier this week with a few issues and bugs that will need addressing.

A full list of all known issues can be found below: Clan XP Milestone Rewards: Due to issues discovered at launch, Crucible Fireteam Matchmaking changes introduced in Update 1. Due to an issue impacting Rat King, we have temporarily disabled access to this weapon. We are aware of and investigating issues where strikes may not be tracked correctly for some in-game pursuits.

We are currently investigating player reports regarding impacted performance on some consoles following Update 1.

Destiny 2: Bungie Says Matchmaking is ‘Incompatible for Us’

The Masterwork catalyst can now be obtained by the most determined competitors in the Crucible. Crucible Labs will become available at a later date. Stay tuned to Bungie on Twitter for announcements. The Crucible Labs playlist will be active periodically for feedback.

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Most of them — like how you still lose ammo when you die — are things players can’t do anything about. But the game’s lack of matchmaking for its most challenging missions — one of its most glaring problems, depending who you ask — has proved to be something players can address and, by working together, fix. Destiny’s “raids”, the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End, can take hours and require teams of six players to complete.

On top of that, the game will not team you up with other players automatically for them like it does for most co-op missions. You have to group up first outside of the game, the idea being that you’ll have more fun if everyone is on the same page. And it’s not a bad idea, but it does leave a lot of players — like those who don’t have large groups of Destiny-playing friends — in the lurch.

Destiny Update 1.1.1 Makes Strike Matchmaking Mandatory